Friday, 3 May 2013

The wrath of a five year old

Wow - Friday already, these weeks seem to fly by, thats one good thing about being a working mum, the weekend seems to come around again really quickly.

So, my week started well with a weigh in at fat club (ok slimming world, but they are a mad bunch and almost like a comedy sketch ) revealing a 3lb loss and inspiring me to stick with it and get up at stupid o'clock for the rest of the week to go on the exersize bike. This is my quest for 'buns of steel' by midday on Friday 24th May (my 10th wedding anniversary & holiday time)  I did manage this, with a little reluctance from the eye lids, I have to say I feel so much better for it....and a little smug!

The weather has made a massive difference to our regular week as we are able to get outside more. I don't mind so much if my train is late when I am basking in glorious sunshine..

My husband resumed his running which has been off the agenda for some time, Joseph tagged along too which made me realise how grown up he is and a little jealous that Dad got this milestone.
It was this father/son jogging session that set the wrath of Erin off.  'I'm going too' she plonked herself on the floor and proceded to put her school shoes on. 'You can't babe, you're not old enough yet' I did empathise,
'WELL I AM'  whah whah whah whah - you get the picture? well after a perfectly timed distraction technique I got her sitting and going through her school bag, only to realise she has her first speaking part in assembly which I cannot attend...this explanation was messy and I promptly received the worst Mum in the world award. What is it with kids repeating the same 'but why' when you cannot think of any other ways to word something. 

Anyway, once the calendar went over to May and she realised she turns 6 this month I was the best Mum ever and I hope this continues into the long weekend.

Enjoy the sun


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Welcome Blog

Welcome :-)

As I have entered my 40th year I figured what better time to start a blog and tell the world about my world.
For starters I am married to Martin, 10 years in May...I would like to say it's like only yesterday, which it is only two stone heavier!
We have two gorgeous children, Joseph is 8 and a regular football addicted boy and Erin in 5 and is a girly girl with a head full of white a nice way!

I hope to bring some insight into my home/work life balance which I still believe is impossible to this space